Maxwell Kaufman

I am running for Minnesota State House of Representatives in District 22A and am the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) endorsed candidate.

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  • Born in Worthington, raised in Fulda.
  • Fulda High School & University of Minnesota – Twin Cities graduate.
  • Worked on housing and community development issues in post-bankruptcy Detroit.
  • Conducted research on government efficiency in India from 2015-2016.
  • Currently a Development Planner at the Southwest Regional Development Commission, focusing on transportation and hazard mitigation in the 9-county area of Southwest Minnesota.

Why Am I Running?

As I attended Fulda Public Schools from 1995 to 2009, I saw the sharp decline in enrollments that has left the district wondering how it would survive in the future. I watched as businesses shuttered year after year in my hometown and surrounding small towns. It seemed my only choice was to leave — so I did. I left and studied in Minneapolis and Amman, Jordan and then worked in Detroit, Michigan and India. And then in 2016 I decided to come back to Southwest Minnesota. Since I came back I have witnessed daycare providers like my mother and sister struggle to meet ever-increasing regulations put on them by the State of Minnesota. I have seen the financial hit my farming neighbors and relatives have taken from skyrocketing health insurance costs. I have seen friends I grew up with struggle with mental health issues and have no access to adequate care. All this time I questioned, “Why is nothing proactive being done?”

Our elected officials have stood by for too long, voting solely along party lines at the expense of people like you and I. It does not have to be this way. It is my aim to be the Representative who can take the region’s needs and translate them into concrete policy actions. We can have a thriving, growing region if we look to creative solutions to bring us into the future. Let’s work together to Move Southwest Minnesota Forward!


  • Affordable Health Care
  • Access to Mental Health Services
  • Support Farmers as the Foundation of Our Rural Economy
  • Address the Daycare Shortage
  • Expand Broadband Infrastructure
  • Grow Economic Opportunity and Population


Please consider joining me as I work toward an inclusive, progressive vision for Southwest Minnesota — vote Maxwell Kaufman on November 6!

Campaign Finance Disclaimers:
The following radio ad is currently running on multiple radio stations in Southwest Minnesota: “My name is Maxwell Kaufman and like you I am concerned about the cost of healthcare, the future of our education system, and growing our rural communities. Yet every year we are faced with a legislature that gets very little accomplished. I will enact real change on the issues you care about by voting across the aisle and increasing transparency in the lawmaking process. I hope you will join me in moving Southwest Minnesota forward. Vote for Maxwell Kaufman on November 6! Paid for and prepared by the Maxwell Kaufman for House Committee.”
This website was prepared and paid for by Maxwell Kaufman for House (PO Box 121, Fulda, MN 56131).