About Maxwell

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I was born in Worthington, MN and raised in Fulda by my father, a union laborer, and my mother, an in-home daycare provider.

Growing up my father instilled in me an appreciation for our vast natural resources in Southwest Minnesota through fishing, archery, and hunting while my mother gave me the social skills needed to listen and understand the needs of others. It is no surprise then that I have always been involved in community development initiatives no matter where that community is.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.43.05 PMI attended the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities where I majored in political science and global studies, spending time in Jordan studying Arabic. After graduating, I moved to Detroit, Michigan where I worked with low-income individuals to connect them to housing opportunities in the face of Detroit’s bankruptcy. I then spent nine months in India conducting research on government efficiency. Through these experiences in Detroit and India I have gained a deep appreciation for governments that work efficiently and responsibly.

cropped-maxkaufman2.jpgIn 2016 I made the decision to come back to Southwest Minnesota — the region that has given me the foundation I needed to be successful in my career — so that I could give back. Currently I work as a planner at the Southwest Regional Development Commission in Slayton. Specifically I work with schools, cities, and counties in the nine-county area to plan for and implement transportation and disaster preparedness initiatives.

CornFeedI am running for State Representative because I believe that District 22A deserves a representative who will be more than just a legislator. As State Representative I will also act in the capacity of liaison to citizens who are in need of information, assistance, or mediation in dealing with state agencies and act in the fullest capacity to ensure government works for you. We need to cut the cost of health care that is keeping self-employed people from reaching their entrepreneurial potential, address the daycare shortage in the region, and revitalize our communities. Southwest Minnesota has an immense amount to offer current and prospective residents — it is time we leverage it and grow our communities!